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Precious metals investment
Precious metals investment and financing issues Guide
1、What kinds of precious metals investment and financial products does Chang Honggui's Pioneer Metals Corporation launch?
Answer: precious metal financial products often Honggui Pioneer Metals Corporation this solemnly launched, in addition to the traditional gold and silver, will also launch the Platinum Metals Platinum, palladium and rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, that is to say, covering all varieties of precious metals, and operated in the form of barter, has seen, pinch the uniqueness of the prison, the difference in electronic trading is not real.
2. What are the distinctive features of the precious metals financial products launched in the form of physical transactions?
Answer: 1., investment and financial products covering all types of precious metals, investors have great choice.
2.the threshold for investment is low, determined by the number of investors arbitrarily.
3. for the precious metal price movements, investors can into batches, according to the investor's willingness in cash or withdraw physical repurchase zero for the whole set, the company does not charge any fees during operation.
4. investors can according to changes in the daily market, trading and cash at any time, fundamentally solve the bottleneck of realization of the constraints. And may choose to mention or request the company express mail, you can also choose to deposit the custody of the company, investors can see firmly, completely control the initiative.
3, the quality of precious metals investment financial products guaranteed?
Answer: often Honggui Pioneer Metals Corporation was founded in 1984, after thoroughly tempered, has been 30 years of production history, because professional, trustworthy, because the history is preferred. At the same time, both gold and silver from the Shanghai gold exchange, platinum metals are from imports, both the original supplier quality declaration, and after the company's audit review, have its trademark and warranty factory, without a little worried, and promised to withstand any domestic detection authority.
4. Is it safe and reliable to use express mail? What if there is an accident?
Answer: express mail by EMS, is absolutely safe and reliable, because since the delivery of the courier company, the company is professional in the computer tracking, and by phone or SMS to inform investors from the transport number, convenient query, every year tens of thousands of express never happened mistakes, but if the accident situation of human can not control, the company has sufficient strength to ensure that investors without the slightest loss, promised full compensation.
5. Is it safe and reliable to deposit in the safe deposit company of Chang Hua metal company?
Answer: storage in the company Treasury can be said to be the company's Treasury is no danger of anything going wrong, because according to the standards of financial institutions set up to build, and the Treasury and the central location of the company, outsiders can not enter, at the same time, the company's security measures quite perfect and advanced, twenty-four hours of security personnel on duty, so 100 times rest assured.
6, is it meaningful to invest in platinum metals?
Answer: platinum metals are rare and expensive, but because of their unique physical and chemical properties, for other metal and alternative There is nothing comparable to this is the first high technology, modern industrial metal platinum metals are essential, weight and quality of the eternal, no color, no rot, no mildew, no pollution, no it can be said that in the deliquescence, an important application field also can not find any metal can be used as a substitute. Due to less crust content of platinum group metals complex, mining, refining and processing, and production concentration in the world a few countries, so once these countries non normal political situation, there will be a shortage of supply, causing price volatility, and Chinese is poor in platinum metals resources, it is the world's largest the platinum metals imports of consumer and investment has important practical significance and long-term significance of platinum metal.
7, in the form of precious metals investment can achieve significant financial benefits?
Answer: in the precious metals investment and achieve financial, so that investors can feel "get pinched firmly" personal feelings and meaning of such investment is the most important "gold to the people, the wealth among the people" Li Liguo and posterity, of course to achieve capital appreciation, the fundamental purpose the ideal is the benefit of investment, from the author's thirty years of working experience and witness, investors have gained a good harvest, which some investors can be said to get a great harvest, among the ranks of tens of millions, of course this is the result of investors to seize the opportunity, whether it is gold or silver, platinum metals a leader in investment banking, of course, there are a few poor harvest, but if it is cast in precious metal objects, if not very reluctantly, zhuangshiduanwan words, As long as the hands of precious metals, the heart is always more practical, and always have the opportunity to profit, but need to wait patiently.
8, gold, silver and more understanding, but the platinum group metal investment, financial management is relatively little understanding, can we cite some examples?
A: Yes, such examples in the precious metals in my career is really beyond count, too numerous to mention, too much, said here three. 8/1, the village has a tractor driver, because of hard work, earn a lot of money, by us, a year spent 1 million yuan by insiders bought 5 kg of rhodium (the investors don't know what is called rhodium powder, where, what, so buy in is not home. At that time, the purchase price is 200 thousand yuan / kg), less than one year, the market turnaround, soared to 500 thousand yuan / kg, in consultation with the wishes of investors after the sale, sold 2 kilograms, he knew this thing really worth the cost to get it back, do not want to sell, said the rest of the keep to children, not knowing when the rhodium powder continues to rise, rose to 800 thousand yuan / kg, he finally moved, unable to bear, so all sold, after a profit of 2 million 400 thousand yuan, 2 million yuan and all the investment he bought palladium powder, At that time, palladium prices in the doldrums, only 40 thousand yuan / kg, bought 50 kg (he still does not know the palladium is what appearance, but he knew that the investor is certainly valuable) good luck, when palladium rose to 100 thousand yuan / kg when he felt satisfied with grams, heart too quickly, then the whole department clearance net, earned 3 million yuan, then he feels it is to earn money, then bought 10 kg of rhodium (RH for down to 3 million 500 thousand yuan / kg), but this was caught, but he felt his face the same color heart does not jump, it is to earn money, just wait for it. The rhodium price rose to 300 thousand yuan / kg, he believes there will be hope to get out of trouble.
8/2, the manager of a department of an insurance company to do business in the company, referring to the precious metals investment, I said to be optimistic about the current variety of palladium, palladium at the price of 50 thousand yuan / kg, according to my estimate of the price trend, after half a year rose to 100 thousand yuan / kg is confident, so the the manager entrusted me purchased 20 kg of sponge palladium, where about two months after the rise to this goal, he was anxious to buy a set of commercial housing for the son in Jiangsu Jinji Lake, will be sold, net to earn a house (currently up to 200 thousand yuan / kg).





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    Ir 99.95   260 250海绵状
   锇Os 99.95   85 75海绵状

8/3, a year, visiting my friends talk about investment in precious metals chat, I encourage him to invest iridium powder, because it was quite a long time to stay in the iridium price of 50 thousand yuan / kg, I guarantee that you earn, lost my responsibility, he ventured to ask me to buy 10 kg, a total of 500 thousand yuan, less than half a year, the domestic price of iridium appears scarce, immediately Cuanshang, when reached 100 thousand yuan / kg when I told a friend, said about it, I'll give you sell it, he is very happy, Mofeiduo big energy, easily earn 500 thousand yuan (who knows later iridium powder had risen to 150 thousand yuan since then, I / kg), friends are interested in attention to precious metals, often discuss with me. There are only three examples. In fact, the investment platinum and ruthenium also encountered such a surge in prices, some people dug into the "gold."". It is not surprising that the industry in precious metals is clear.

9, Lao Wang, you cited three examples, such profiteering is true? Wouldn't you be bragging about investors?          

Answer: I am engaged in the precious metals business for thirty years, this year has been over seventy, I'm not going to lie, these three examples are all real, really true (name, address) facts, I won't go to flicker investors, to deceive investors, if you want it, you can go to consult your metal circle of friends, or you go to see the precious metals market history records (China noble metal net), you see, can see light suddenly.

10, then, borrow money or borrow money to invest in precious metals is also quite cost-effective, there is no risk?
Answer: because of precious metals by the international market, the fluctuation of the frequent and violent, so Wang does not support does not encourage investors to borrow to finance and investment, the market has soared since, of course also fell, there is a risk, if you own funds, then to precious metals investment is more suitable for at any time, but also should pay attention to avoid risks, the most important is the certain situation, seize opportunities, the precious metals market trend, is often missed. Sometimes once the quilt is not ten days half of the time will be reversed, so investors should have a good mental state, should be cautious, but also patience, but you remember a truth, the precious metal is always valuable, with precious metals is to have wealth.
11, what are the factors that affect the price trend of precious metals?
Answer: To sum up in the last thirty years, and the main factors are: 1, the dollar index will rise or fall, because precious metals on the international market to U.S. dollars / ounce, normally is negative correlated, the dollar rose precious metals prices, (special circumstances exception). 2, the world economic development situation (stagnation and decline, accelerated) 3 countries in the world geopolitical stability or crisis, especially the production and supply of national precious metal resources (excess supply or shortage of 4), the formation of inflation of the currency, the performance of gold was the most sensitive (gold is a hard currency that is the only against inflation, precious metals) comprehensive evaluation of these factors, the impact of international prices of precious metals, while the domestic is followed by the international market, but also is concerned about the dollar and RMB exchange rate.
12, what can Chang Honggui and Pioneer Metals Corporation do for investment bankers?
Answer: often Honggui Pioneer Metals Corporation for investment banking to adapt to requirements for investors trying to build a limited capacity of the reservoir, an enterprise product innovation, marketing innovation, technology innovation design, try to put the brand advertising innovation, and investment banking to broaden the precious metal of one heart and one mind, the investment and financing channels, really solve the bottleneck problem of precious metals investment, achieve the gold to the people, the wealth with the people, but also to enjoy the fruits of fun and precious metals investment.
13, how to operate it?

Answer: can I order a "China metal net" online, or by telephone, SMS, email, fax contact order confirmation, investors will receive a cover of "precious metals investment contract often Honggui Pioneer Metals Corporation" seal, and then after verification, will be remitted in accordance with the full, if you choose from or express mail if investors obtain precious metal varieties with this correspondence, if you choose the safe custody, in addition to the contract is accompanied by a contract with the corresponding deposit proof of "precious metals investment contract" and "check proof" proofs.

14, not in the regular purchase of precious metals Pioneer Metals Corporation species, can buy back and realized it?          

A: at present, the Pioneer Metals Corporation is trying to control and limited capacity model, temporarily accept investors from other channels of precious metals repurchase and commitment at any time realizable.

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 ruthenium Ru99.9520.5018.50Cavernous
 rhodium Rh99.95276266Cavernous
 palladium Pd99.95232230Cavernous 、Lump
  gold Au99.95282280Lump
  silver Ag99.9-99.993890/38703870/3850Lump
  platinum Pt99.95231229Cavernous、Lump
  Osmium Os99.958575Cavernous



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